Tables and Graphs

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Area Conversion Tool - Converts units of area to different units of measure.

Comparison Table - This table shows an example of how to evaluate various products by comparing the properties associated with particle surface area.

Colloid Surface Area - This table shows the relationship of particle surface area of a colloid as a function of mean particle size and concentration (ppm).

Summary of Properties -  This table summarizes the properties of silver ions, atoms, and particles.

Silver Particle Attributes - This table shows the relationship of particle diameter (nm) to various properties, such as the number of atoms contained in a single particle, particle surface area, etc.

Solubility Rules - Rules for learning the solubility of ionic compounds in water.

Normal Laboratory Values - This table shows the chemical composition of human blood. The information source is The Merck Manual, Seventeenth Edition.

Graph - Activity Coefficient vs Concentration for silver ions.

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