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Commercial Product

Product Description

Date:20 July 2001
Manufacturer:Purest Colloids, Inc.
Product Name:MesosilverĀ®
Product Type:Colloidal Silver
Concentration: 20 ppm
Container Size: 500 mL (16.9 FL OZ)
Container Material:Clear PETE plastic


Laboratory Analysis of Product

Conductivity:3.9 uS/cm
Turbidity:13.0 NTU
Color:Dark amber-brown
pH:6.95  +/- 0.01
Total Concentration:20.0 ppm   +/-  0.05 ppm
Ionic Concentration:3.9 ppm   +/-  0.05 ppm
Particle Concentration:16.1 ppm
Percent Ionic:19.5%
Percent Particles:80.5%
Particle Surface Area:104.7 cm2/mL
Particle Size Distribution:Complete Size Report
Zeta Potential:Complete Zeta Report

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Laboratory analysis performed by the Colloidal Science Laboratory

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