Colloidal Silver | Silver Colloids

Colloidal System

AEROSOLS – dispersions of fine liquid droplets or solid particles in a gas (e.g. fogs, smokes)

EMULSIONS – dispersions of fine droplets of fat in an aqueous phase (e.g. milk)

INVERSE EMULSIONS -dispersions of aqueous phase in a non aqueous phase (e.g. crude oil)

SOLS or COLLOIDAL SUSPENSIONS – dispersions of fine solid particles in a liquid medium (e.g. paints, muds, slurries)

GELS – dispersions of macromolecules in liquid

ASSOCIATION COLLOIDS – molecules of surface active substances (e.g. surfactants) are associated together to form small aggregates (micelles) in water. The aggregates formed by certain substances may adopt an ordered structure and form liquid crystals


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