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Henry’s Function F(ka) Equation

Zeta potential is related to the electrophoretic mobility by the HENRY F(ka) EQUATION

UE = 2 e z f(k a)
         3 h
UE = electrophoretic mobility
z = zeta potential
e = dielectric constant
h = viscosity
f(k a) = Henrys function
  • The units of k are reciprocal length and 1/k=”thickness”  of the electrical double layer (the Debye length)
  • a = the particle radius
  • ka = the ratio of particle radius to double layer thickness
  • For particles in polar media the maximum value of F(ka) is 1.5 (Smoluchowski approximation)
  • For particles in non-polar media the minimum value of F(ka) is 1 (Hückel approximation)

Henry Function | The Henry F(ka) Equation
Henry Function – The Henry F(ka) Equation

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