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Bogus Scientific Claims Made for Ionic Silver Products

False True Colloidal Silver

Bogus claims on ionic silver products are visible in websites, ads, and other marketing strategies that are hearing the people and their interest in colloidal silver products. The statements highlighted in red below are from a website that sells an on ionic silver product produced by electrolysis and 98.6 percent ionic silver. The product is claimed to be True Colloidal Silver.

We make a true colloidal silver consisting of both elemental and ionic particles providing the ultimate particle surface area and an extremely high efficiency index.

Lab analysis has determined that the product consists of 1.4 percent silver nanoparticles and 98.6 percent silver ions making it a typical ionic silver product. Analysis has determined it has a particle surface area of 0.024 cm2/mL and an Efficiency Index of 1.64 placings is among the very lowest values found in the product comparison table, yet the web page falsely claims this product has “extremely high-efficiency index” and “ultimate particle surface area”.

By definition, a true silver colloid must have a nanoparticle content that is greater than 50 percent of the total silver. Yet, with only 1.4 percent nanoparticle content, this product is claimed to be “True Colloidal Silver.” The product being sold is clear and colorless (like water), all ionic silver products. However, true silver colloids are never clear and colorless, further demonstrating to the most casual observer the deceptive nature of these claims.

These are only three examples of the many false and misleading statements on this site. Most of the information on the site is scientifically flawed in the extreme with the obvious purpose of selling an ionic silver product by falsely claiming it is true colloidal silver.

Science Claims on Ionic Silver Products

It should be noted that this product is produced using a home hobbyist type colloidal silver generator that is widely available on the internet. All such colloidal silver generators produce ionic silver solutions. None are capable of producing a true colloidal silver. Home hobbyist colloidal silver generators can produce ionic silver solutions such as this product for a cost that is generally less than $1.00 per gallon.

Lastly, if there were an award for the worst bogus science, blatantly false, deceptive, and misleading information concerning colloidal silver, this site would certainly receive it. The statements highlighted in red below are from an article titled “What Exactly is Ultra Pure Colloidal Silver” by Marvin Robey.

… what is this “silver ion”? Well, it’s really more commonly known as “colloidal silver”. Simply put, it is extremely minute-sized silver particles suspended in water, with a positive electrical charge.

Here the writer is claiming that “colloidal silver” consists of silver ions. This writer is confused or trying to confuse the reader with the notion that a silver ion is a silver particle. It is common for producers of ionic silver solutions to interchangeably use the terms silver particles and ions to blur the distinction between these two entirely different entities. Ions and particles are dramatically different entities, and the terms are not interchangeable.

Silver Ions are not Silver Particles

Silver ions are not particles of metallic silver. Silver particles consist of two or more silver atoms clustered together. Silver particles have the physical properties of metallic silver. Silver ions do not have the physical properties of metallic silver. A silver ion is a single atom of silver that is missing one orbital electron. Since it is the outermost orbital electrons of atoms that determine the physical properties of matter, the missing electron causes dramatic physical properties changes.

For example, metallic silver is not water-soluble (does not dissolve in water), but a silver ion is water-soluble. It cannot exist without the water or some other solvent being present. Because the physical properties of silver particles and silver ions are so dramatically different, the terms cannot be used interchangeably.

When discussing metal colloids such as colloidal silver, the term colloid means silver particles in suspension, not silver ions in solution.

The best colloidal silver is produced at the molecular level.

Here the writer is attempting to sound scientific but is actually describing something that scientifically does not exist. Silver is an element; the smallest form of elemental matter is the atom. A molecule is a term used to describe the smallest form of a compound, not an element. A compound is formed by combining two or more elements. There are no silver molecules, only silver atoms. For example, silver chloride is a compound. One molecule of silver chloride is formed when a single silver ion combines with a single chloride ion.

Minute, molecular sized particles are drawn off of the positive electrode, having a positive electrical charge.

Here the writer would have us believe that silver particles have a positive charge, again he is confusing ions and particles. Ions have a positive charge called ionic charge owing to the fact that one electron is missing from the outer shell. Since an electron has a negative charge, when one electron is removed the resulting ion is left with positive ionic charge. Silver particles do not have a positive charge. Silver particles in a low ionic environment develop a negative charge called zeta potential which causes the particles to behave as though they possess a negative charge.

This electrical charge is of primary importance to healing and anti-bacterial qualities.

More Bogus Claims on Ionic Silver Products

More Bogus Claims on Ionic Silver Products

More bogus science claims in ionic silver products. The positive ionic charge of the silver ions does not survive inside the human body. In fact, silver ions cannot survive inside the human for more than a few seconds. When ingested, ionic silver is greeted by hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which immediately causes the silver ions to combine with the chloride ions supplied by the hydrochloric acid. This action forms the compound silver chloride, which is an insoluble silver salt. Silver chloride does not possess an ionic charge.

Silver coins were commonly dropped into a jar to prevent the spoilage of milk and other drink, and silver containers were used to prolong the freshness of foods in general.

This statement is true, but it is referring to the biocidal properties of metallic silver, not silver ions. By placing this statement immediately after a discussion of silver ions the writer is attempting to blur the distinction between metallic silver and silver ions just as he tries to use the two terms interchangeably in the statements above.

The statements highlighted in red below are from an internet ad for “Ultra Pure Colloidal Silver”.

Crystal clear, nothing but pure water and silver particals.

This product is produced by electrolysis and is mostly ionic silver, not silver particles. Not only do they falsely claim that their product consists of silver particles but they don’t even know how to spell the word particles(misspelled word in the actual ad).

The statements highlighted in red below are from an internet ad for Sovereign Silver, an ionic silver solution labeled as “colloidal silver”.

Sovereign Silver is the highest quality silver ion solution available due to its unprecedented small particle size and complete dispersion, suspended in pharmaceutical grade water.

The first statement described the product as a silver ion solution which is certainly correct, but then it claims small particle size as though this product was colloidal silver.

The statements highlighted in red below are from the Sovereign Silver website.

Made in a laboratory dedicated to colloidal silver technology.

This would lead the reader to believe that company is making colloidal silver. The product label says it is colloidal silver, but with 94.9% of the silver content in the form of ionic silver and only 5.1% of silver present as particles it is really just another ionic silver solution pretending to be colloidal silver.

Each drop yields more than 100,000,000 million particles of pure silver that possess energia.

More reference here to particles of pure silver, not a correct description of silver ions. But wait, there’s more, these particles possess energia. A term not defined on the website or known to be defined anywhere else. Use of this make believe technical sounding word is called “techno-babble”, a technique commonly used to impress the non-technical reader with technical sounding words.

Completely transformed elemental silver, free ions of 46-electron silver that release the maximum energy of colloidal particles.

Some half truths here, an atom of elemental silver is completely transformed into a silver ion when it loses one orbital electron, leaving 46 electrons in orbit instead of the 47 electrons found in an atom of silver. With much obfuscation, this sentence is describing ionic silver until it claims that release the maximum energy of colloidal particles. This is more techno-babble with added sleight of hand trying to make a connection to colloidal particles which constitute 5.1% of the silver.

The interchangeable use of the terms ions and silver particles give the reader the false impression that this product is colloidal silver rather than an ionic silver solution. Laboratory tests have confirmed that this product contains 94.9% ionic silver with only 5.1% of the silver content in silver particles. While the product is labeled “Colloidal Silver”, it is just another ionic silver solution claiming to be colloidal silver.

The statements highlighted in red below are from an internet ad for ASAP silver solution, ionic solution labeled as “colloidal silver”.

ASAP Silver Solution | Ionic Colloidal Silver

ASAP colloidal silver products are different than other colloidal silver products on the market due to its patented manufacturing process which yields roughly 96% elemental silver particles versus a high percentage of ionic silver particles (where one or two electrons have been stripped off of the silver atom) typically found in colloidal silver products.

This ad claims that the product consists of 96% elemental silver particlesElemental silver is a scientific term that refers to the element silver in its natural metallic state which contains 47 orbital electrons ( zero ionic charge). Laboratory tests have determined that ASAP silver solution is an ionic solution which is 96.6% ionic silverand only 3.4% elemental silver particles. Because a silver ions is a silver atom that is missing one orbital electron it is not elemental silver. While the ad claims this product is 96% elemental silver it is actually 96% ionic silver making this another ionic silver solution claiming to be colloidal silver.

The statements highlighted in red below are from an internet ad for Ionic Plus, an ionic silver solution produced by Indigenous Products.

Ionic Plus is a powerful, all natural antibiotic liquid mineral supplement and prophylactic with a trillion electromagnetically charged silver particles of ions compared to a billion electromagnetically charged particles in colloidal silver.

“…charged silver particles of ions…” While the product is called Ionic Plus and it really is an ionic silver solution, the ad tries to confuse the reader by claiming these are silver particles of ions, truly a non-existent technical description. More techno-babble trying to make ions appear to be particles.

The statements highlighted in red below are from an internet ad for Ionic Silver, an ionic silver solution produced by WaterOz. and sold on the website.

Ionic silver at wholesale prices. 99.9999% pure liquid ionic silver in the form of silver hydroxide. A nearly 100% absorbable and 100% bioavailable form of silver.

“pure liquid ionic silver in the form of silver hydroxide…” While the product is called Ionic Silver and it really is an ionic silver solution, the ad states that the anion is hydroxide. For this statement to be true silver hydroxide would have to be a water soluble salt of silver, which it is not. Silver hydroxide is not water soluble, meaning it does not dissolve in water. All hydroxides are insoluble EXCEPT those of ammonium, barium and alkali metal (Group I) cations. For more see: Rules of Ionic Solubility. This misleading information is attempting to obscure the true nature of the anion content of this product.

Laboratory analysis of this product has determined that the anion is citrate. So while the label simply states that the product is ionic silver, it is actually a water soluble silver salt, silver citrate dissolved in water. One can only wonder what they are trying hide.

“99.9999% pure” is stating the purity at six nines or .999999 purity. While it may be technically possible to produce six nines purity, the price of the silver is about 100 times greater than four nines purity (.9999) which is the industry accepted level of purity for such products. We know of no product on the market that is actually made using six nines silver due to the excessive costs involved.

The manufacturer (WaterOz) has confirmed that the metal purity used to produce their product is really three nines (0.999), but this does not deter the sales company from advertising six nines purity, obviously a complete fabrication.

The statements highlighted in red below are from an internet ad for Earthborn Products Colloidal Silver, an ionic silver solution labeled as “colloidal silver”.

A colloid is a very small particle that is insoluble yet remains suspended and dispersed in a fluid medium, without actually forming an ionic solution. Dissolved solids are ionic, not colloidal.

This is a correct description of a colloid, however, Laboratory Analysis indicates that this product actually contains only 0.52 ppm of silver which is all ionic.

OURS: A colloidal silver consisting of 100 ppm (parts per million) of pure silver (99.999%), suspended in steam-distilled water.

Laboratory measurements found no measurable silver particles present and silver that was present is only one half of one percent of the labeled value. This product contains little on no silver at all.

We call our product “Monatomic Colloidal Silver” because the only element in suspension is individual silver atoms (mono=one and atomic=atom). No stabilizers, additives, chemicals, or proteins, are added.

Single atoms of silver cannot exist in water without forming larger particles due to the van der Waals’ force of mutual attraction. Individual silver atoms within a few atomic diameters from each other would exert a force of attraction that would be over 100,000 G-forces. Since there is no opposing force to prevent the atoms from coming together, they will aggregate into increasingly larger particles until the particles develop a sufficient Zeta Potential to cause mutual repulsion of the particles and prevent further aggregation.

The statements highlighted in red below are from an internet ad by Survival Enterprises, a company that sells an ionic solution produced by Silver Water Products called Silver Wain Water.

The new wave of colloidal silver merchants (especially on the Internet) try to convince you that PPM(parts per million) or particle surface area (size of particle) is all that matters. Both those measurements have little, if anything, to do with the actual effectiveness of any Colloidal Silver product.

According to this statement particle surface area has little, if anything, to do with effectiveness of any colloidal silver product. However, in the booklet “Silver Colloids” Professor Ronald Gibbs wrote “The size of the particles in the colloidal silver suspensions we use for health purposes is very important. Particle size controls the surface area and therefore the effectiveness of the colloidal silver suspension.

Those that promote the false theory that particle surface area or PPM is all that matters, do so ONLY to sell their substandard and over priced products.

Laboratory analysis of this product has determined that the total silver concentration is 2.43 ppm and the particle surface area is 0.083 sq. cm. The ppm and surface area values for this product rank among the lowest values for such a product. Is it any wonder that this promoter wants to convince you that these values just don’t matter?

TPV (Therapeutic Particles per Volume) is the proper way to measure strength. A silver dollar in a cup of water has a concentration of 92,690 PPM, but it has ZERO therapeutical value.

Here we are told that the proper way to measure strength is the Therapeutic Particles per Volume (TPV) a term not defined on the web site or in any field of science. It is a made up term. This is an example of “techno babble”, wherein make believe technical sounding terms are used to try to impress the non-technical reading public.

Colloidal Silver has NOTHING added to it. It is made of pure, deionized water and 99.99% pure silver. Our Colloidal Silver is 3 PPM, yet there’s over 9,000,000,000 particles of pure silver per ounce!

Laboratory analysis of this product has determined that it consists of 94.7% ionic silver and 5.3% silver particles. The product is predominantly ionic silver but the ad statement above is the classical deception trying to fool the reader into believing that silver ions are really silver particles.

While the product is labeled “Colloidal Silver”, it is just another ionic silver solution claiming to be colloidal silver.

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