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Silver Protein: Partial List of Products

Silver protein products containing silver particles

The products listed below contain silver particles suspended in a protein polymer or synthetic polymer solution. Protein polymers would typically be either an animal protein also called gelatin or a dairy protein called casein.

Some of these products are labeled as “colloidal silver” and do not mention on the label or in their advertising the fact that they are protein or polymer-based products. Not all products in the table have been tested. A dash (-) indicates that the product has not been tested.

Product Name & PPM on Label 
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(from Lab Report)
Particle Surface Area 
Innovative Natural Products – Super Colloidal Silver 2000 ppm
Innovative Natural Products – High Potency Silver 500 ppm
Innovative Natural Products – Low Potency Silver 50 ppm
Life Link Mild Silver Protein 400 ppm
N-Ergetics Colloidal Silver 1100 ppm

Higher values are better. 

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